Saturday, 17 May 2014

Color Me Rad!

Have been keeping our heads low...moved kitchens to an incredible new space...more on that later...and making popsicles like crazy since SOMEONE JUST TURNED ON THE HEAT IN MONTREAL!!

To kick off our season we are so excited to be at Color Me Rad!

It's a 5 K color run, and looks like crazy fun.  Their marketing alone makes me giggle.

Here is copy from their fun website:

You'll start off with a shirt as pure and white as your granddaddy's dentures, and throughout the run, we'll coat your chaffing thighs with Color Bombs of blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow until you come out like a tie-dyed hippy on the other side.


  1. During our event here, the party planner and the wait staff was absolutely the best. It was such an intimate moment and you could really feel the love and energy in the place.

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