Tuesday 6 August 2013

chez Fruiterie Atwater!!

Today we placed a custom Pop Culture freezer at Fruiterie Atwater in Atwater Market!  

The whole market was bursting with inspiration: piles of sweet corn, sunflowers, paniers of wild blueberries, sausage and fennel pizza, truffle or porto kissed cheese, and the grilled stylings of the SATAY Brothers...worth the price of admission alone.  

Fruiterie Atwater is a carefully curated pantry of fresh (and often rare) fruit, veggies, herbs, + wild mushrooms...  I am coveting some balsamic vinegar beads which I spotted there...

I digress.  But then again, the market is all about happy disgression, right?

Here is the freezer

inside which you will see 12 ways to get fruity!

On est super fier!!!  Merci Carlos et Angela!!